DAVID LANG | design

David Lang is a graphic designer and marketer in Everett, WA. He currently resides at Fluid Motion LLC, creating marketing material and advertising for multiple boat makes, campaigns, and events. He previously worked at Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort, designing advertising for promotions and events, and overseeing most TVs on property. David is a VCD graduate from Eastern Washington University, having also worked at the EWU Eagle Store, the EWU design lab, and SRTC.


David Lang grew up in Seattle, Washington, and began attending Eastern Washington University in the fall of 2012. Bouncing between majors his freshman and sophomore year, he eventually settled on Geography with a focus on Geographic Information Systems. During this time period, David worked at the Multimedia Commons in the EWU Library - the sole visual design and specialty printing computer lab at Eastern at the time. Here, he discovered a direct passion for graphic design, and additionally minored in Visual Communication Design before graduating cum laude in 2016.


During and after graduating from EWU, David interned at Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC), with an initial focus on GIS data analysis and management. However, as time progressed, he increasingly turned towards design projects to help the agency with public facing reports and presentations, including interactive maps for the Spokane metro area. Within a year, David returned to EWU to expand his VCD minor into a full-fledged major. Within a quarter of returning full-time, he began work at the EWU Bookstore (now EWU Eagle Store) as their in-house designer, bringing with him an animation flair to the advertising on the store’s digital displays. David graduated again with a program GPA of 3.8 in the Fall of 2018.


Shortly into the new year, David left his two jobs, packed up, and returned to western Washington to begin working at Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort, near Arlington. Here, he quickly amassed an array of responsibilities, including conceptualizing & creating the visual design of multiple monthly casino promotions, scheduling the display TVs, freeway signage, & interactive digital venue menus, and managing the casino’s website launched during his tenure.


Halfway into 2020, David left Angel Of The Winds and began looking for other opportunities. He began work at Fluid Motion, LLC - the parent company behind Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats - shortly after. Working in a tight-knit group, David helps create, write, and design marketing material for the various boat makes and models, including print & digital advertising, feature & specification brochures, and material for boat shows across the United States and Canada. In addition, he also oversees the brands’ websites, and has helped resume regular email newsletters for each brand.


In this wild world, who knows what the future holds? If you have any insight, feel free to reach out!